Important Things to Know

  • Reservations are required for your entire party and are limited to guests registered to our hotel
  • Reservations can be made at the front desk or using the QR code provided at check-in
  • Buses depart and return to all 4 Disney Theme Parks


How early can I make reservations?
Reservations can be made up to 48 hours prior
I have a wheelchair or scooter do I need to tell someone?
Yes, please visit the front desk at least 48 hours prior to your desired departure so they can arrange transportation for you.
How will they know I have a reservation?
You will receive a voucher that the driver will scan for your trip to and from the park.
What if I lose my voucher?
The driver will be able to look up your information in the system, however, this could cause a delay so please do your best to keep your voucher safe. The best thing is to download that app where you can view all your information.

How do I download the app?
The QR code  to download the app is provided at check in.

What are the benefits of the app?
  • You can view your reservation
  • There is a live tracker of the bus
  • Receive alerts of the buses arrival (make sure to allow push notifications when you download the app)
  • The bus schedule 

Are reservations allowed day of?
Yes, based on availability you can make reservations day of unless you are traveling with a wheelchair or scooter, then please see the front desk to see if transportation can be arranged.
Can I change my reservation time?
Yes, based on availability.

How frequently do the shuttles run?
Shuttles are offered every hour to all four Disney theme parks. Departure and return shuttle times vary based on the theme park hours. A QR code to the schedules will be provided at check in.

Do the shuttles run to Early Theme Park Entry?
Yes, for more information on Early Theme Park Entry click here

Do the shuttles run to Special Events at Disney?
No, the shuttles do not run for special events such as the Marathon or After Hours Events such as Boo Bash or Disney Very Merriest After Hours